DexGreen & Openreach: The Future of Connectivity

Collaborating Since 2003

DexGreen, BT and Openreach started a collaborative relationship back in 2003, installing robust copper infrastructure with DexGreen's 10A/B sealants. From there, we developed specialized connectors, closures, copper modules, distribution points and tools, all tailored to the specific needs of Openreach's ever-expanding network rollout and service improvements.

The Fibre Era

In recent times, DexGreen have been iterating on fibre network components, in close collaboration with Openreach's fibre stakeholders. We now supply the CSP Demarcation box for single-dwelling and smaller multi-dwelling scenarios, plus our versatile Inside/Outside fibre cable, with more products in development.

Supporting the Field

A pillar of DexGreen's partnership with Openreach has always been the next level supports offered as part of the solutions for deployment in the network. We produce detailed datasheets, installation documents and video guides but, crucially, we deliver this support material through a mobile app that is accessible anywhere. For a distributed workforce of field engineers, having this data available on the go is priceless.

DexGreen also invests significant resources into emerging support technologies, trialling VR and web-based eLearning, augmented reality tools, algorithmic object recognition and interactive learning modules, to name but a few.

Here is some of the latest support content that's been uploaded to the DexGreen app and available on the web:

MDU Interactive App-based Training Module


A collaborative effort between DexGreen's support team and the Openreach Learning & Development group. This interactive learning module features a 360 degree tour, kit contents, interactive videos, practical demonstrations and a friendly knowledge check. The module is accessible from any device, anywhere in the field, so engineers can revise the content on the job. [LINK HERE]

CSP Demarcation Box Web-based VR Learning

DexGreen piloted a virtual reality training module for the CSP Demarcation Box, but we felt that VR was not widely available enough to be convenient for Openreach's distributed field engineers. To remedy this, we produced an excellent web-based version of the VR training, with the same engaging, interactive content, now accessible anywhere. This course is an early trial, but please feel free to try it out and provide feedback if you have suggestions or want to see more of the same.

PCP Splitter Updated Video Guides

The PCP Splitter is a new copper module being introduced into the Openreach network in the coming weeks. To support this rollout, we've uploaded extensive new video guides to the DexGreen Openreach app for your convenience. These, like all other app content, are accessible from any mobile device, anywhere. [LEADME LINK TO APP]

SmartSwitch Test Adapter Video Guide

The SmartSwitch is a versatile test adapter for use with the LSA-TL and other similar copper modules. It is available from stores now, so we filmed and produced a great video guide with an Openreach trainer to give you the best experience learning how to use this excellent piece of equipment. [LEADME LINK TO APP]