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Humble Beginnings

DexGreen was founded in 1993 alongside our innovative Dexbond product, a joint closure sealant that saved our clients millions in engineer callouts and overall fault volume reduction.

Today, DexGreen develops innovative and tailor-made products to upgrade carrier networks across the world. We are an international company committed to providing global connectivity support, and have worked with some of the biggest companies in telecoms such as British Telecom, NBN Australia and Deutsche Telekom.

We manufacture over 200 unique products while also offering ongoing support through our mobile app. We utilize the latest in AR and AI technology to provide you with a digital installation assistant that reduces revisit costs significantly, along with a mobile learning platform that allows your engineers to upskill on site.

Our Unique Offering

Our team at DexGreen creates innovative and cost effective telecom products. We are passionate about what we do, and so we provide ongoing product support services through our technical, commercial and collaborative relationships with our business partners.

Our mission is to improve your network health with our products and solutions, which deliver whole life cost savings through innovation, fault volume and reduction and supply chain refinement.

We are dedicated to improving telecommunications infrastructure, and innovating our products to ensure reliable and long-lasting components. We are industry leaders in fibre cable, copper access, aerial pole furniture, underground, blown fibre, closures and flood defence solutions.