Humble Beginnings

Our first product, Dexbond, was pioneered 25 years ago. It has, to date, saved our client millions in engineer callouts and fault volume reduction.

Today, DexGreen develops tailor-made, innovative products to upgrade carrier networks across the world.

We operate across the international telecoms market, serving clients like British Telecom (BT), NBN Australia and Deutsche Telekom.

DexGreen manufactures over 200 unique products and operates mobile applications, eLearning packages, VR/AR training and field consultations.

Our Unique Offering

DexGreen creates innovative and cost-effective telecoms products. We provide a unique product support service through technical, commercial and collaborative relationships with our business partners.

Our goal is to improve your network health with our products and solutions, which deliver whole-life cost savings through innovation, fault volume reduction and supply chain refinement.