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Market Innovation

Global best practice research, user testing, market research, customer journey mapping, immersive brainstorming, innovative ideation and solution tracking.


Product Design

Iterating concepts, developing wireframes and rapid prototyping. Colour, material and finish exploration, lean design methodologies, product development and end user trials.

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Materials and Tech Application

Web and mobile app development, packaging design, virtual and augmented reality trials, brand development and product support content mapping.


Design Engineering and Detailing

Detailed CAD design and simulation, optimized for tooling and manufacture. Bill of materials and costing estimates, pilot testing and finished product production.

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Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Forecasting demand, building stock to support working capital, distribution to end users and flexibility to modify/update products based on end user feedback.

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Product Launch and Support

Multimedia training with the latest technologies, product video guides, web and mobile support, post-launch development, data visualization, tailored marketing and media.


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