CSP Demarcation Box User Guide

May 28, 2020

Dexgreen's CSP Demarcation Box is a versatile enclosure for FTTH networks, with either splicing or connector connectivity options. Cable entries are adaptable, making this enclosure a one-stop choice for many different installation scenarios.

Check out our video guides below for installation with a host of cable types.

Opening and Closing

Opening and Closing Datasheet


Knockouts and Grommets

Cable Strain Relief Datasheet


Copper Provisioning

Copper Provisioning Datasheet


Underground Commscope Cable Installation

Underground Commscope Cable Datasheet


Overhead Corning Cable Installation

Overhead Corning Cable Datasheet


Overhead Blown Fibre Cable Installation

Overhead Blown Fibre Cable Datasheet


Underground Blown Fibre Cable Installation

Underground Blown Fibre Cable Datasheet


Corning ROC Drop Cable Installation

ROC Drop Cable Datasheet


More Information

Additional CSP Datasheets and Information: