CSP Demarcation Box - User Guides

February 11, 2021

Dexgreen's CSP Demarcation Box is a versatile enclosure for FTTH networks, with either splicing or connector connectivity options. Cable entries are adaptable, making this enclosure a one-stop choice for many different installation scenarios.

Check out our video guides below for installation with a host of cable types.

Opening and Closing

Knockouts and Grommets

Copper Provisioning

Copper Provisioning Datasheet

ROC Drop Cable

ROC Drop Cable Datasheet

Overhead Corning Cable Installation

Overhead Corning Cable Datasheet

4-Fibre Cable Application

4-Fibre Application Datasheet

Emtelle 4-fibre Cable

Emtelle 4-fibre Datasheet

ROC Drop to EZ Bend Cable

ROC Drop to EZ Bend Datasheet

Underground Blown Fibre Cable

UG Blown Fibre Datasheet

Underground Commscope Cable

Underground Commscope Cable Datasheet