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January 18, 2023 2 min read

Welcome to the first DexGreen newsletter where we will be sharing our latest news, products & exclusives.

right first time

At DexGreen we want to promote good habits and one way to do this is by ensuring an effective and efficient installation process. It is fundamental to limit costly service visits and time-consuming repeated truck rolls to limit unnecessary costs. The most effective way to do this is by carrying out the installation process the correct way the first time, every time. 

Some of the most important methods to ensure first-time-right when terminating fibre are:

  1. Intuitive fibre management

With FTTH being deployed at a rapid pace, the demand for highly skilled fibre technicians is immense. Through collaborating with network operators, DexGreen develops fit-for-purpose solutions tailored to the needs of each operator.

  1. High-quality equipment.

When terminating fibre, the highest quality equipment must be used to avoid damage and minimize failure risks. This is important during the installation period but also for the operational lifetime of the product. – not only during the installation process but over the product's 25-year operational lifetime. Not investing in high-quality equipment can lead to a resource-consuming issue with fibre technicians having to resolve the issues which is an expensive problem for the network operator. 

ULW Ultra Light Weight Cable

The Ultra Light Weight (ULW) has been developed for the requirements of the telecommunications market, it is used primarily for access, distribution, city networks, and FTTH applications. It is designed for installation in both overhead and underground environments and is approved for installation

The below features make it an excellent solution.

  1. Primary coated fibre – Silica, acrylate, colour-coded fibres, fibre type G.657A1.
  2. Loose tubes, jelly-filled. Which gives excellent moisture resistance, loose tube design contains bend-resistant fibres organized in 4f, 8f,12f and 24floose tubes depending on fibre count. The tubes are easy/safe to remove for fibre preparation for splicing using standard-approved tools in the network.
  3. Water blocking element – Water blocking tape. This ensures longitudinal water-tightness and protection of inner fibre tubes. 
  4. Strength member – 2 pairs of 3 x 0.32mm brass coated steel wire strength members provided at 180° to each other. The purpose of these is to control the breaking force of cable so that cable will break in controlled conditions, for example, cable only breaks when a certain load is reached. The controlled tensile breaking load of cable is less than 2kN. Minimum tensile load= 1,350N.
  5. Ripcords – provided to enable longitudinal stripping of cable efficiently without damaging fibre elements.
  6. Sheath – Black HDPE UV stabilized with yellow stripes. Resistance to abrasion. Outer Diameter = 7.0mm. Anti-rodent protection can be added.

ULW Render

MDU Connectivity

DexGreen has your complete solution for MDU connectivity. It can be difficult to standardise a Bill of Materials (BOM) for MDU Network build and maintenance.

To address this situation Dexgreen works with operators to develop appropriate BOM for their network.

We were pleased to have DexGreen's MDU advert featured in the December issue of the Construction and Civil Engineering magazine.

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