Up your Fibre Game With Latest App Update!

November 05, 2020 3 min read

Fibre deployments are expanding across the UK. Openreach's Fibre First programme aims to connect 20 million homes this decade. That level of connectivity can only be achieved by training new fibre engineers and optimizing workflows to increase installation efficiency and reduce faults. Fibre, remember, is delicate business!

How can DexGreen help in this regard? Well, we currently supply two versatile fibre products into Openreach - the CSP Demarcation Box and Inside/Out fibre cable. Two of our unique values have always been the level of collaboration and support we show to our partners, and this partnership with Openreach is no different. In designing both of these products, we collaborated with Openreach stakeholders to create the most widely applicable, versatile fibre closure and fibre optic cable out there.

There are hundreds of new CSP Demarcation Boxes being mounted around the UK every month. As you read this, hundreds of feet of Inside/Out Cable are being spooled, cleated, stripped, spliced and connected across the nation.

DexGreen's job is done, right? We don't see it that way. Now, the real potential for value begins - the support we provide to trainers, fibre leads and field engineers will make all the difference in how our products are deployed.

Next Level Support

An exceptional goal like Openreach's Fibre First programme requires exceptional support. To that end, DexGreen has developed an interactive, engaging training course, delivered in the most convenient way possible: the DexGreen Openreach mobile app, accessible by every single Openreach engineer, any time, at any location from London to the Outer Hebrides!

Here are some of the training course key features to start with:

  • An Interactive 360° Tour of a common CSP install scenario
  • A Kit Contents module with item codes for all the required tools and components needed on CSP fibre installation
  • Over 60 minutes of engaging video content
  • Video Guides covering the 8 most common cable install scenarios
  • Troubleshooting scenario animations to guide you if you get caught up
  • Practical modules that can be completed in a training centre or on the job with your buddy
  • A simple Knowledge Check for you to test your learnings

To verify the accuracy of installation guides, we consulted with internal fibre experts and presented early videos to Openreach trainers and experienced fibre engineers. Thanks to the great engineers who took time out to give us excellent process feedback!

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't already, head to your app store and download the DexGreen Openreach mobile app. Install the app, log in with your Openreach email address and check out the CSP and Inside/Out Cable training!

New App Features

Proof of Competency: This is a great new feature geared towards patch leads and managers, and it allows you to directly verify your learning through the DexGreen Openreach app without the need to refer to a learning portal or other source. See here for more details.

Peer-reviewed Live Job Uploads:  For anyone new to fibre installations, it's sometimes great to have a second set of eyes on your work. Now you can upload photos of your job and have it reviewed immediately by colleagues and trainers across the country, all directly through the DexGreen Openreach app!

Quality-of-Life Changes and Bugfixes: There have been a bunch of small incremental changes to the DexGreen Openreach app since our last update. Check out the detailed patch notes below for a full list of changes and bugfixes. 

Here to Support You

Above are some of the headline changes, but development is still ongoing to add new features and further optimize our app. We welcome feedback from any of our app users, so please don't hesitate to reach out via email - support@dexgreen.com

If you have any problems downloading the app or using it, you can drop us an email or reach out directly right here on the Dexgreen website by clicking the blue Support button on the bottom right of the page.