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June 26, 2023 3 min read


Poe closures

DexGreen has developed a range of Internal Point of Entry enclosures to provide a demarcation point between an internal distribution network and the customer's premises. Versatility is key with these enclosures to facilitate the multiple needs of end users.

Key characteristics include:

  1. Versatility – can be fitted with multiple internal features, i.e. multi-fibre splicing, connectorized, and overlength management. Therefore the ideal connectivity point for internal fibre deployments.
  2. Repair Splice point – up to 12 x splices can be performed within the enclosure to maintain and distribute fibres.
  3. Connectorised options – can be fitted with up to 4 x SC/APC test points.
  4. Cable entry – multiple cable entry points ensure the closure can be adapted for various installation use cases.
  5. Excellent and Intuitive fibre management – provides safe and efficient routing of fibres.
  6. Customised configurations – available in customised configurations, i.e. in pre-installed kits with connectorized pigtails for quick in-field installation.


The DexTidy is a discrete cable system that a single person can safely and efficiently install. The cable naturally blends into the installation environment and is suitable for installation in green and brownfield scenarios. As well as being easy to install the  

This solution is aesthetically pleasing and a discrete package specifically developed for use in homes and businesses where a sleek visual style is essential, complementing the solution with future-proof cable designs. Simple and coherent products ensure an expeditious installation. 

The DexTidy solution is among the quickest fibre deployment methods available today. With active training and support through online videos, smartphone apps, VR/AR simulation, and in-field visits, DexTidy is simple and easy to use!  


  1. Capping adds a layer of security to the cable, protecting against knocks, snags, or tears, ultimately reducing future fault occurrences. The capping also refines the overall aesthetic of the design by camouflaging the cable & bend managers under one uniform housing, which can be painted and decorated any way the end user may like. 
  2. Dex Bend Manager is a universal bend manager designed to maintain the minimum bend radius of optical fibre cables when surface-mounted within buildings. The bend manager can be fixed to the wall with an adhesive integrated and manipulated in any direction the installer requires. The finished installation is discrete and assures safe long-term installation of fibre optic cables. 
  3. DexGlue is a flame-retardant, fast-curing, easy-to-apply adhesive designed to install fibre optic cable within buildings. It can be dispensed through various easy-to-apply mechanisms to ensure minimal waste and an aesthetically pleasing finished install. 

iso 14001

DexGreen is certified to ISO 14001 for our Environmental Management System (EMS/EnvMS). ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).  

There are many benefits to ISO 14001, including improving resource efficiency, waste reduction, ensuring that environmental impact is being measured, and improving overall environmental impact. 

We are also committed to reducing single-use plastics in our packaging. Plastic bags have been withdrawn from our discrete connector range resulting in the removal of 150,000 bags annually. In other product ranges, we prevent over 13 Tonnes of single-use plastic wastage yearly, replacing the plastic with more environmentally friendly, compostable materials. As well as this, the removal of the plastic film on the front of the CSP box has resulted in the removal of a minimum of 1480 KG/annum of single-use plastic based on run rates of 100K units per month.

It is vitally important to us that we not only deliver quality to our customers but that we do so in a manner that is sustainable and positively impacts society. We are committed to being socially responsible for the long term, ensuring we continue to develop a sustainable business that maintains our commitment to society.