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May 17, 2023 2 min read



External façade FTTH cabling for urban centres can be challenging as it is common to have multiple legacy, competing, and alternative infrastructures on the same façade.

To address this, DexGreen Ltd has developed a discrete façade cable solution, a quick method of turning homes passed (HP) to homes connected (HC).

Key benefits of this solution include:

  1. Customer Provisioning- Allows for a quick and discrete method to achieve Homes Passed and for second fix Homes Connected.
  2. Speed- Fibre build is quick through either pre-connectorised cable or splicing methods, depending on installer preference.
  3. Density - High-density boxes allow for excellent fibre management and more discrete management of drop cables to subscribers.
  4. Cable Constructions– Various options that meet the most stringent industry standards that can be installed both internally and externally.
  5. Discrete – Products are discrete to leave as little impact as possible on the external faces of buildings while allowing for quick installation.



cabling infrastructure

It can be difficult to standardise a Bill of Materials for MDU Network build and maintenance, given the relative differences in building layouts and network topologies.

To address this, DexGreen worked with Operators to develop an appropriate Bill of Materials for the Operator’s network

Key Characteristics of this solution:

  1. Cable Constructions - A variety of ruggedised cable designs that are suitable for both internal and external use.
  2. Discrete - Low-profile cabling solutions that discretely provide fibre to the premises in a quick and easy manner.
  3. Universal Solutions - Closures and cables with a wide array of use cases reduce the variety of products leading to easier planning and less training required.
  4. AI Visualisation - The dedicated app provides a planning tool as well as guides the installer through installations, therefore, reducing the time and frequency of access to the premises.
  5. Connectorised - Pre-connectorised fibre is able to provide a method of quick installation, allowing for a plug-and-play solution.