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April 17, 2023 1 min read

customer service point

The DexGreen Customer Service Point, or CSP, is an external demarcation enclosure for FTTH networks. It allows for both splicing and connector connectivity and acts as a test point in the network. Slack storage is incorporated into the unit and it is designed to be compatible with multiple different cable configurations. 

The CSP has a variety of features, despite its compact size. The enclosure accommodates 3 meters of overlength storage, in a range of cable diameters, with provisioning for both fibre and copper. There is also the capacity for up to 6 splices, and there is a test point featured in the CSP. 


  • 90 and 180-degree locking lid
  • IP65 Rated Enclosure
  • 3m overlength storage
  • Test Point
  • Capable of Fibre and copper provision
  • Multiple exit directions
  • Compatible with legacy capping
  • Security lock
  • Accommodates a range of cable diameters
  • 6 Splice Capacity
  • Compact Enclosure (166 x 144 x 33 mm) 

overhead cable

See our tech video of DexGreen's 3mm Overhead Cable Clamp. This clamp is applicable for round cables of diameter 3.0mm. A green stripe is added for identification purposes, and the material is Galvanised steel wire. This clamp allows for rapid deployment.

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