The Latest News at DexGreen

March 03, 2023 2 min read

AR planner

At DexGreen, our product range includes Augmented Reality Support. The AR Planning App is an excellent solution that merges practicality with technology and brings real added value to our customers.

The AR planning product is an Intelligent Survey tool allowing our customer's engineers to create a simulated installation and obtain approval on the spot from the consumer.

Our App helps prevent revisits, conduct survey installations, and get customer approval.

demarcation box

The demarcation box is an innovative design enabling greater flexibility within our FTTP network. They provide a spliced demarcation point between the external network and the customer's internal fibre cabling.

The External FTTH Demarcation Box is valuable to every FTTH installer's toolkit.

By placing it externally outside the subscriber's premises, the Operator can use it as a test point without entering the premises, leading to a sped-up installation time. The product is accompanied by a novel Indoor / Outdoor pre-connectorised cable that can be spliced or connected to the External Demarcation Box.

This versatile External FTTH Demarcation Box can be used indoors and outdoors.

The product has undergone extensive testing with many conventional optical fibre cables in the network.

 demarcation box



At DexGreen, we invest in the latest technologies to streamline our design process. We use 3D Printers, KeyShot visualisation software, a VR studio, a foam modelling lab, CNC machines, laser cutters, and more.

Our dedicated in-house team of test and inspection engineers utilises the latest testing equipment to implement stringent internal test programs. This guarantees that DexGreen products consistently meet the highest quality standards, including fire resistance, liquid ingress, impact stress, bending tolerance, etc.This ensures quality throughout every area of the business. 

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