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October 19, 2023 3 min read

DexGreen Makes Waves at Connected Britain 2023

Our team at DexGreen was honoured to partake in Connected Britain 2023. Held in the ExCel Centre in London, Connected Britain showcased some of the most cutting-edge solutions in the telecoms industry. We were given the opportunity to deliver a compelling presentation hosted by our very own Chris Horgan on the Digital Divide and how we can work together to bridge it.

Mark Horgan and Chris Horgan at Connected Britain 2023.


DexGreen and the Digital Divide

We were given an amazing opportunity to present on an issue that is of great importance to our company and our values, the digital divide. Our Product and Business Development lead, Chris Horgan, gave a comprehensive and passionate talk about the digital divide and the socioeconomic challenges that are intangibly tied to it.

The presentation addressed the difference between homes passed and homes connected, highlighting the issues associated with using homes passed as a metric for progress in fibre connectivity as opposed to homes connected. Homes passed doesn’t accurately represent the premises that avail of fibre broadband access, and using the metric of homes that can be connected as opposed to homes that are connected glosses over the very specific and complex issues associated with home connections.

Chris spoke about how DexGreen has continuously and actively contributed to bridging the gap between the two metrics, and how DexGreen aligns its services and products to target the issues faced with real progress in fibre connectivity. Chris highlighted the impact of collaboration during the development process to drive innovation, about the importance of DexGreen providing bespoke solutions to allow for every issue to be tackled directly. He discussed our delivery process and how we ensure that we maintain our supply, and our continued support during and after installation with our AI-powered Virtual Buddy tool.



We received an enthusiastic response to this presentation, and we were honoured to be able to bring more awareness to one of the most prevalent issues in fibre installation while providing solutions to address every aspect of it that we can provide you with.

Chris Horgan presenting at Connected Britain 2023.


Award Nominations

Our contributions to the innovation of the telecoms industry were recognised in the form of two nominations for the Industrial and Access Innovation awards.

We were honoured to have been considered for these awards, and we remain committed to creating innovative and creative solutions to revolutionise the installation process.

Awards night at Connected Britain.


Connecting With the UK Market

The work we do in DexGreen primarily targets the UK telecoms market, and we were very excited to use Connected Britain as an opportunity to meet and engage with our existing customers. Equally exciting was the opportunity to meet potential new customers, share our solutions and demonstrate our services. Utilising the two days of Connected Britain to connect with customers that otherwise would have warranted individual visits meant that we were able to streamline our connections while adhering to the ongoing commitment to environmental, social and governance initiatives.


Collaborative Learning and Gaining Valuable Insight

As exciting as it was to showcase our solutions, what we valued most was the ability to gain valuable insights into the constantly evolving industry of telecoms from the most passionate and informed leaders within it. We eagerly attended as many presentations as we could, so that we could gain knowledge that we can use to continuously work to keep our solutions at the forefront of innovation. We were able to spend two days surrounded by people with varying areas of expertise, a community of people as passionate and involved in this industry as we are, and we were incredibly grateful for all that we learned from everybody.

DexGreen LTD

Paving the Way for Success

Interacting with potential customers and demonstrating our creative solutions allowed us to get feedback in real-time, and the result was overwhelmingly positive. We made exciting connections and observed enthusiastic interest. We are so excited to continue to expand our products and create an installation environment with less stress, less cost, and more efficiency for the companies at the forefront of fibre innovation.


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