The Latest News at DexGreen

March 20, 2023 2 min read


The DexGreen Openreach app is the ultimate companion app for support on all of the products that Dexgreen supplies to Openreach. The app is an excellent support tool for all products DexGreen supplies to Openreach, complete with product documentation, installation instructions, video guides, and much more.

The entire DexGreen product range is in a single location, complete with all searchable reference materials like installation guides, video tutorials, datasheets, and more. With 40+ products and 100+ support materials currently live, plus more content added regularly, information on all our products is just a few clicks away and accessible anywhere. 

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At DexGreen, we constantly improve the user experience through testing and analytics. Implementing the latest technology ensures the app and our users are at the cutting edge in the industry.

DexGreen's track record of providing innovative support and services as an add-on to our product supply capabilities. Supports include Artificial Intelligence Real-Time Fault Finder, App-Based Training, Field Support and Application Engineers, Content Creation, and Support Documentation.


See our latest tech tip video, it is the perfect guide to stripping the 5mm UG/OH RFOD cable for those of you interested in the product for your network build!

The key features of the cable are:

  • Suitable for Overhead and Underground Installations – Breaks under 2kN for safe overhead installation, rugged enough for duct installation.
  • Available connectorised for use with all available CBTs.
  • Part of “last mile” solutions for Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH).


We were delighted to attend the Enterprise Ireland UK Fibre Forum in London on Tuesday the 14th of March, where we showcased our solutions.

The focus of the forum was the fibre broadband rollout across the UK and featured a panel discussion with some exciting industry experts.

The forum discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the UK fibre market, their leading and innovative services, products, and technologies.

It was a great learning and networking opportunity.