Inside/Outside Cable

May 08, 2020 2 min read

DexGreen's Inside/Outside cable is a one-stop solution for all your FTTH cabling needs, suitable for multi-dwelling and single-dwelling installations where a single, versatile cable can be employed to fit a wide number of functions. The Inside/Outside cable consists of an outer black sheath and an inner white sheath, both of which are UV-stabilised for deployment outdoors. This means you can strip the outer sheath and mount the cable on a white external wall to minimize aesthetic impact. 


End subscribers require increasing levels of bandwidth for Over the Top services such as 4K TV, Video Conferencing, Online gaming, etc. Fibre to the Home technology can future proof these services.

In order construct these physical networks on which these services are provided quickly, efficiently and inexpensively, network operators must use simple yet effective technologies, materials and methods which can reliably connect subscribers minimizing chances of repeat truck rolls / early life faults in the future therefore ensuring subscriber satisfaction.



To address this, DexGreen has developed a simple product range of optical fibre cables, termination boxes and optical fibre splicing machines that can be used to quickly activate fibre to the home connections for Subscribers.

This solution consists of easy peal dual sheath pre-connectorized optical fibre cables, versatile termination box that facilitates all legacy and new cables and a cost effective digital active alignment optical fibre splicing machine.


This is a consistently repeatable process that improves subscriber experience as they can be connected more efficiently with minimal intervention by the installer inside the subscriber's premises.

As a result of the cables meeting stringent CPR B2ca flame retardant standard and G657B3 fibre type this is a future proof solution, which once installed correctly has minimal chance of early life faults.

If you'd like to check out our Inside/Outside cable, view the product page here. Alternatively, please reach out to our sales team ( directly for cable samples or to answer any follow up questions you may have. Thanks for reading!