Future Vision: Fibre CSP Learning Module

May 08, 2020 1 min read


Dexgreen pushes the boundaries of product support, leveraging new technologies to make field engineers' lives easier when installing our products.

Our dedicated software and content team are experimenting with app-based support tools, virtual reality, augmented reality, blended/gamified learning and crowdsourced knowledge-sharing, to name but a few avenues of research.

Customer Service Point - Fibre Demarcation Box

The Customer Service Point (CSP) is one of Dexgreen's newest products, specially engineered for single-dwelling and small multi-dwelling deployments in the FTTH network.

This versatile closure accommodates a wide number of cables and configurations, so we felt it was an ideal candidate to test out our VR-inspired, cross-platform learning experience. The CSP is also very adaptable, so we're constantly adding support for new cable types. Having the CSP support web-based means it's easy to add additional support videos and steps on-the-fly.

Cross-Platform Learning

We formulated this training as a virtual reality experience, but anticipated that access to a VR headset would be limited, especially in the field. To that end, we modified the VR experience to work in-browser, so field engineers could use a laptop or tablet to participate in the experience from any location, any time.

If you'd like to try out this novel learning experience for yourself, or get to know the intricacies of our versatile Customer Service Point closure, check out the link below! 


CSP Web Installer