Dexgreen's MDU and SDU Solution

October 01, 2020

Home is where the bandwidth is, right? Well, we certainly think so! To that end, Dexgreen have been working hard to devise a complete FTTH solution for network providers, all the way from distribution point to customer premises. Now you can roll out blistering-fast broadband with a complete solution for both single- and multi-dwelling units.


DexGreen develops tailor-made, innovative products to upgrade carrier networks across the world. We operate across the international telecoms market, serving clients from over 20 different countries. 

DexGreen manufactures over 200 unique products and operates mobile applications, eLearning packages, VR/AR training and field consultations to provide holistic support to all of our products.

For your multi- or single-dwelling unit fibre rollout, we provide a comprehensive suite of products which simplify a domestic fibre rollout of any scale. We have created innovative solutions in this field for Siro Ireland, BT Openreach, Telstra Australia, NBN Australia, Deutsche Telekom, KNET New Zealand, and AT&T America, to name but a few.


A non-exhaustive list of products that Dexgreen provide for MDU and SDU solutions includes:

  • 12/24 Port Internal Distribution Points
  • 60-Port ODF Patch Panels
  • External Distribution Points
  • Blown Fibre Distribution Cables
  • External Facade Distribution Cables
  • Internal Feeder Cables
  • Apartment Entry Closures
  • Low-profile Trunking
  • Field Connectors
  • Splicing Equipment
  • Pushable Drop Cables
  • Network Termination Units
  • Subducting and Gasblocks
  • Bend Managers

Our FTTH solutions incorporate the latest in fibre technology, bringing fibre all the way from demarcation point to the customer's premises, with minimal impact on hallway and internal apartment aesthetic. Our cable trunking solution is low-profile, easy to install and blends seamlessly with any apartment or home.


Our solution can be distributed aerially or underground, for a single dwelling or a huge apartment block housing hundreds of customers. We have laid out scenarios for a huge array of different situations including brownfield and greenfield developments, from one customer to hundreds.


DexGreen produces at several strategic partner factories. Key examples include enclosures, connectors, optical fibre cable, patch cords, various other optical fibre assemblies

We can test all products according to end user requirements in our dedicated laboratories. Key examples of equipment include: Humidity Chambers, Salt Fog Chambers, Mechanical testing, Vibration testing

We are responsible for the complete process of optical fibre cable production, this enables us to tailor optical fibre cable designs to end users requirements at low minimum order quantities. We manufacture various different fibre types (i.e. G657A2, G657B3, etc) and various structures. We have achieved CPR B2ca certificate and are happy to qualify all optical fibre cable assemblies to eir’s requirement. Further to this, we are prepared to stock cable according to end user demand in Ireland, while at the same time providing unit cost savings.

We operate an extensive optical fibre cable lab, which can test optical fibre cable to IEC 60794. Examples of equipment include Tensile Tester, Impact Tester, UV accelerated aging, High and Low Pressure Tester, High/Low Temperature Test Chamber, Thermal Ageing Precision Oven

We perform QC testing on 100% of optical fibre cable assemblies, i.e. pre-connectorized cables and testing on all batches of optical fibre cable produced


We offer a comprehensive, tailor-made solution to your fibre rollout. But we also offer something sadly lacking in the alternative choices out there - comprehensive support systems.

In our work with Openreach, we've provided comprehensive training packages for existing and new hire field engineers. This interactive training is offered via mobile app, web interface and even using VR and AR learning environments. We can scale the level of support to your organisation's needs, ensuring all of your new build and maintenance work is done to the highest standard possible. This level of support translates to savings down the line, with fault volume reduction and equipment that is operational for much longer.

If you would like a detailed breakdown of our installation scenarios, or you'd like to try out some of our MDU solutions for yourself, you can reach out now via or use our contact form to submit a query.