DexGreen Sustainable Development

August 10, 2023 3 min read



Climate action momentum has never been more significant, but we must move faster. At DexGreen, we collaborate with our employees, customers and suppliers to ensure we are working towards a more sustainable society. 

It is vitally important to us that we not only deliver quality to our customers but that we do so in a manner that is sustainable and positively impacts society.  

We are committed to being socially responsible for the long term, ensuring we continue to develop a sustainable business that maintains our commitment to society. 


DexGreen is proud to be certified to ISO 14001 for our Environmental Management System (EMS/EnvMS). ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies

requirements for an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). There are many benefits to ISO 14001. These include: improving resource efficiency, waste reduction, ensuring that environmental impact is being measured and improving overall environmental impact.

All employees are expected to play their part in achieving our integrated management system's quality and environmental objectives. These are aimed at ensuring our compliance with 14001, but more importantly, they are aimed at ensuring that we continue to focus on providing quality for customers while minimising our impact on the environment.

  1. Promote Responsible Energy Consumption:

We consider all aspects of our energy use and develop new methods of reducing our carbon footprint. We have already switched to renewable electricity, and now we're pushing further by developing innovative solutions to speed up decarbonisation. We are promoting responsible use of energy through employee engagement. 

  1. Reduction and Segregation of Waste 

We have carefully considered each product and opted for both recyclable and biodegradable materials where possible. When considering optimal packaging, we must balance environmental sustainability and adequate protection of the products. We are doing this in many ways, including:

  • Using Digital Instructions Where Possible 

Approximately 50 pages of installation guides covering all cable types are required for the CSP demarcation box alone. An installation book would usually be included; however, we have significantly reduced our paper usage by utilising videos and app-based digital documentation. 

  • Reduction of Single-Use Plastics 

DexGreen is committed to reducing the use of single-use plastics in our packaging. Plastic bags have been removed from our discrete connector range resulting in the removal of 150,000 bags per year. In other product ranges, we prevent over 13 Tonnes of single-use plastic wastage yearly. This is done by replacing the plastic with more environmentally friendly, compostable materials. As well as this, removing the plastic film on the front of the CSP box has resulted in eliminating a minimum of 1480 KG/annum of single-use plastic based on run rates of 100K units per month. 

  •  Alternative Packaging 

DexGreen can also offer an additional packaging option – Cardboard Envelopes. This packaging method is sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Our designers have innovated this packaging method to ensure that we can offer a more environmentally sustainable solution for short-length cables. 

  1. Innovation

Our in-house designers use the latest CAD/CAM software to analyse the tessellation of our packaged products in shipping to ensure we maximise the efficiency of our distribution methods. 

This careful work carried out by our in-house product design engineers allows us to ensure that the carbon footprint accumulated by the packaging and distribution method of each product is kept as low as possible.

We aim to make better choices throughout every area of the business, even including our coffee. We opted for Woodland Coffee, which actively addresses the threat of climate change by planting trees in Ireland. For each case of coffee, a tree is planted. So far, our coffee consumption has resulted in the planting of sixteen trees. Each tree absorbs carbon from the atmosphere for a more sustainable planet.  


At DexGreen we are helping to create a more connected world for everyone. Fibre supports working from anywhere, which ends the need for lengthy commutes, thus reducing harmful emissions from transportation. Fibre networks promote inclusivity through expanded access to employment opportunities, education and training, and health and social services.