UV Resistant Inner Sheathing of Inside/Outside Cable

April 21, 2022 2 min read


For aesthetic reasons, building owners prefer to have more discrete cables surface mounted onto their buildings. This results in the need for a 2.9mm white cable to be surface mounted to the wall.

Typical applications for this are MDU type applications, where the cable must be surface mounted onto terrace buildings. These are typically short lengths, however, as a result of the cable being surface mounted it is exposed directly to sunlight.

To protect against deterioration in cable over time from sunlight, a UV additive must be added. Further to this, given the cable will be surface mounted to the building it must have excellent mechanical properties (tensile strength/crushing resistance), therefore strength members must be added. 

Finally given that the cable will be routed around tight corners, the bend radii must be minimized, therefore a bending insensitive fibre must be specified.


To address these issues, DexGreen has added a UV protective additive to the inner sheathing of its inside/outside cable. This additive now makes the inner sheathing both UV resistant, while also retaining the same excellent flame-retardant characteristics – CPR B2ca.

Excellent mechanical strength is achieved through aramid yarn strength member within the cable, which gives protection when cables are exposed on building surfaces.

Finally, the fibre type of the inside/outside cable is G657B3 (bending insensitive), which makes the cable suitable for being installed in tight corners, while still achieving excellent performance.


bend sensitive

This is a discrete, versatile and reliable cable solution that can be installed within protected areas with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

As a result of the cables meeting stringent CPR B2ca flame retardant standard, being UV resistant, having excellent mechanical properties and G657B3 fibre type this is a future proof solution.