SDU FTTH Installations

October 13, 2023 1 min read


DexGreen has developed multiple product solutions to address different Aerial deployments for completing SDU (Single Dwelling Unit) FTTH installations.

This has resulted in versatile products that can be readily adapted to the needs of all Operators in order to speed up installation time. All products are supported by extensive training supports.


  1. Closures & Brackets – designed for optimal cable management and suitable for installation in different environments.
  2. Drop cable and clamp – numerous cable constructions and clamps, which are PIA approved, suitable for both Underground and Overhead use, available pre-connectorised in various configurations, and prepared in novel environmentally-friendly packaging options.
  3. External Demarcation Boxes – compact and discrete external wall boxes, which can be used as an access & test point between the Outside Plant Network and the Customers' Premises.
  4. Customer Lead In cables – various types of cables designed for both internal and external deployment.
  5. Cable Entry Covers – discrete covers to safely manage the entry of external fibre cable into buildings in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  6. Internal Fibre Wall Outlets – Discrete termination points installed within the customer's premises which are also designed to integrate with many commonly available Subscriber ONTs.