Rural FTTH

October 13, 2023 1 min read

Rural FTTH broadband rollouts have increased in recent years, and novel solutions produced by DexGreen have played a crucial part in them.

Different installation methods are available to telecom operators. However, Aerial Fibre rollouts are a cost-effective method that can be deployed relatively quickly, resulting in a fairly easy means to connect subscribers.


  1. Fibre Cable (underground and overhead) – mechanical and environmental characteristics must be considered when specifying this. Key issues commonly faced include wind loading, fibre strain, adequate separation from legacy telecom networks (i.e. copper), or electricity infrastructure.
  2. Closures and Connectivity – flexibility to install both underground and overhead, accommodate both network build and customer connection and easy-to-follow work practices to ensure customer connections can be completed promptly.
  3. Aerial Brackets – Solutions that can be readily fitted quickly onto existing legacy telecom or electricity infrastructure. Furthermore, our products have designs built to provide adequate clearance from existing infrastructure.
  4. Cable clamps – We do extensive in-house testing to validate the cable and clamp solution according to the end user’s specifications. Various options can be tested and specified.
  5. Drop cable – Universal cable construction is suitable for underground and overhead use and is also available in multiple connectorised options according to end-user preferences. Novel packaging methods ensure these can be dispensed with ease.