Field Installation Connectors For FTTH Deployment

March 16, 2023 2 min read



In order to connect Subscribers to FTTH quickly and cost-effectively, Operators must specify high-reliability, cost-effective and easy-to-use product solutions that require the use of minimal proprietary tools and can be installed in a consistently repeatable process.

As FTTH networks mature, typically many operators have an extensive range of different cable structures in their network (both legacy and new), therefore a simple product that is compatible with all cables must be specified in order to reduce costs.



To address these issues, Dexgreen has developed a versatile Field Installation Connector, which has been extensively tested and deployed with a wide range of optical fibre cables. This is achieved through simple universal Tubes provided with every unit which ensure compatibility with fibres ranging from 250um to 3mm all in one connector body. This is all documented in detailed installation videos and continuously supported by our application engineers.

The performance and reliability of these connectors is backed up by extensive testing according to the Telecommunications Industry Assocition (TIA) standard – TIA-604. Key tests include (but not limited to) Fibre twist, Vibration, Fibre/Cable Retention, Mechanical Shock, Mating Durability, Thermal aging, Humidity aging, Thermal cycling.


As a result of its versatility, high reliability, and relatively low cost, the Field Connector is worth considering if Operators are seeking to connect subscribers quickly and cost-effectively.

In order to install the product Installers simply need to use basic cable preparation tools, which they typically carry in their toolbox, i.e. Fibre strippers, Kevlar scissors, cleavers, and appropriate alcohol cleaning.

Dexgreen supports this item through dedicated training to ensure it is installed right first time. This ensures the chances of Early Life Failures (ELF’s) are minimized.