External FTTH Demarcation Box

October 13, 2023 2 min read

March 24, 2022

Subscriber demand for FTTH is increasing directly as a result of increased demand for Over-the-top services such as Home-working, Video Conferencing, Home Entertainment (i.e. 4K/8K TV, Video gaming, etc.)

As many operators globally are increasing their volumes of homes passed with FTTH, they must use simple products at the customers premises to act as the connection point for FTTH as typically there is an extensive legacy network of optical fibre cables that must be connected at this point.

On the other hand, to get permission/wayleave from the subscriber to place optical fibre equipment at their premises the product used must be discrete and blend into the surroundings.


To address these issues, Dexgreen has developed a of versatile External FTTH Demarcation Box which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It has undergone extensive testing with many conventional optical fibre cables in the network. All of this is documented in detailed installation videos/instructions. This is achieved through simple yet effective cable entry ports and compact internal storage

Key features:

  1. IP56 waterproof rating with rubber seal compression
  2. 908 180° snap lock opening position
  3. Test point possible through connectivity option
  4. All connectivity types (SC or LC back to back), not supplied. Availability for 2x Adapters.
  5. Copper provisioning showing crimp connector entry & storage
  6. Multiple cables compatibility with rubber grommets
  7. Compatible with legacy copper network capping
  8. Multiple cable exit points (rear and bottom)
  9. CSP security points (M4 threaded bushes used for all fastening points)
  10. Up to 6 splices capacity inc. reflectors
  11. High cable storage slack (3m length @ 3mm diameter)
  12. Compact size (L 166/W144/H:33 mm)


As a result of its versatility, the External FTTH Demarcation Box is a useful addition to every FTTH installer's toolkit.

By placing it externally outside the subscriber's premises, the Operator can use it as a test point without entering the premises. This can speed up installation time. The product is accompanied by a novel Indoor / Outdoor pre-connectorized cable which can either be spliced or connected into the External Demarcation Box.


For more information and reading see: https://dexgreen.com/collections/outside-plant/products/fiber-optic-demarcation-box