DexTidy Solution

October 13, 2023 1 min read

February 1, 2023

The DexTidy is a discrete cable system that a single person can safely and efficiently install. The cable naturally blends into the installation environment and is suitable for installation in green and brownfield scenarios. As well as being easy to install the  

This solution is aesthetically pleasing and a discrete package specifically developed for use in homes and businesses where a sleek visual style is essential.  Complementing the solution with future-proof cable designs. Simple and coherent products ensure an expeditious installation. 

The DexTidy solution is among the quickest fibre deployment methods available today. With active training and support through online videos, smartphone apps, VR/AR simulation, and in-field visits, DexTidy is simple and easy to use!  


Capping adds a layer of security to the cable, protecting against knocks, snags, or tears, ultimately reducing future fault occurrences. The capping also refines the overall aesthetic of the design by camouflaging the cable & bend managers under one uniform housing, which can be painted and decorated any way the end user may like. 

Dex Bend Manager is a universal bend manager designed to maintain the minimum bend radius of optical fibre cables when surface-mounted within buildings. The bend manager can be fixed to the wall with an adhesive integrated into it and can be manipulated in any direction required by the installer. The finished installation is discrete and assures safe long-term installation of fibre optic cables. 

DexGlue is a flame-retardant, fast-curing easy-to-apply adhesive designed for the installation of fibre optic cable within buildings. It can be dispensed through various easy-to-apply mechanisms to ensure minimal waste and an aesthetically pleasing finished install.