COMBI-ONT Internal FTTH Outlets

October 13, 2023 1 min read

In-home fibre provisioning is occurring at an accelerating rate as end-user demand for full-fibre broadband is increasing.

The interface between the optical network termination point and the ONT is a key interface in the network, however, it can often be a point in the network where issues can occur due to exposed cables resulting in truck rolls.

To address this, DexGreen has developed a full product range of Combined ONT and Optical Termination Points.


  1. Single Secure Enclosure with Multiple Functionality - One single enclosure to house Optical Network Termination, ONT, and Cable Management. This ensures secure and discrete management of in-home customer termination.
  2. Intuitive Design - Units can be fully commissioned with relative ease quickly and are supported by a full suite of installation videos.
  3. Interoperability - The full product range is compatible with various different types of industry-standard ONTs, i.e. GPON, XGS-PON, etc.
  4. Fibre Management - Excellent integrated fibre management in order to cater to all methods of fibre terminations, i.e. field connectors, splicing, etc.
  5. Cable Access - Various access points within the units to enable the entry/exit of various cables from all angles, i.e. Optical Fibre, Ethernet, and Power. Sufficient space for storing surplus slack.
  6. Customisation - Further customisations to existing standard units can be performed, such as Operator branding, custom fibre assemblies, ONT mounting points for compatibility, shape/appearance of housing, including spooled cables, etc.