Building Entrance Termination Unit

May 03, 2023 2 min read

Building Entrance Termination Unit 


Conventional installations of FTTH services within Subscribers’ premises typically involve the installation of a Fibre Termination Unit / Socket, which is connected to an Optical Network Termination (ONT) through an internal optical fibre patch cord. This installation scenario is illustrated in Figure 1 below.

 Termination Unit


To address these issues, DexGreen has developed a simple utility storage box that can be built into the Dwelling by the Developer at the time of constructing the dwelling.

This box can have multiple entry points, from which incoming drop cable enters from the Distribution Point in the Access Network and once it enters the box.

There is a large internal volume to store the surplus slack cable in order for it to be either brought to the final network termination point or splicing of the optical fibre can be performed within the box.

Further to this, DexGreen supplies a ruggedized underground / overhead drop cable which can accompany the box. For ease of installation, this cable is also available factory connectorized so that installers can simply plug the connector to the final termination point.


The Building Entrance Termination Unit speeds up the installation of optical fibre at new build single dwelling units as it can be installed by the developer and given it can be accompanied by ruggedized connectorized factory terminated drop cable for quick activation of FTTH service

Maintenance of the box is simple as it can be opened/closed with a simple lock and key which accompanies the box. Long term durability of the box is guaranteed as it is manufactured from a robust ABS UV stabilized plastic

Its compact dimensions (230mm x 150mm x 150mm) ensure it occupies a minimal footprint, yet its large internal volumes ensure it has excellent functionality